Calling Card and Pre-Paid India Calling PIN Services offers premium calling services from India and prepaid PIN services from India to Indians residing in the United States. United States, Canada and India. We also serve Indian business travelers and Indian students who need a reliable and low cost Indian card service to contact their business or their families in India.

We maintain our own customer service and guidance staff in the United States. UU. India 24 hours. Direct support is available via web chat, dial-up or email.

TelCan is a unique prepaid calling service from India that offers 7 different communication technologies, plus free SMS messages for each TelCan account. TelCan offers a full range of options and functions for the Call India or Call From India user than other competitors. Some of our functions are exclusive and exclusive, such as Magic Jack and Skype. TelCan allows you to contact India, contact USA. UU. Or contact Canada easily. We allow you to use your fixed or mobile phone or even your Internet connection so that your calls to India are convenient and at the lowest cost for calls to India. TelCan uses advanced call processing technology that includes multiple routes for telecom operators from India and A to Z to increase calling India’s experience. is a smart choice to make all your calls to India. We have been established in 1991 and are constantly developing new ways to make your calls to India easy and clear and at the lowest possible rates for calls to India. Try a TelCan One Touch India calling card to call India or anywhere!