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TelCan is a unique prepaid calling service from India that offers 7 different communication technologies, plus free SMS messages for each TelCan account. TelCan offers a full range of options and functions for the Call India or Call From India user than other competitors...

VoIP Applications

VoIP is a great money saver for corporate and residential users. Although cost savings are greater for companies with multiple branch connections, people who do or want to make many long-distance calls can also have significant savings.

Business Applications

Companies with branches (national and international) can make significant savings in their telephone expenses through the use of VoIP. All calls within the organization will be treated as local calls, even if they are in another country. In addition, local phone numbers can be set up in different parts of the world, allowing people to call the company at the same cost as local calls.

VoIP also has features that can make communication between offices easier and more efficient...

SIP Port

The port that Sips uses is UDP 5060 for signals and the means are sent through RTP.The location of setting can be viewed at Admin>Setting>Ports. In this section, you can find the SIP protocol details.. Sip works on TCP, UDP or TLS. UDP and TCP are considered unsecure, since sip packets are sent unencrypted. TLS is most secured sip communication, since it encrypts just as HTTP. But default ports used are RCF3261 is 5060 for sip and for Sips it is 5061.

The most commonly used port is 5060 which is more associated with sip. What Is SIP? The protocol of communication supports the signaling protocol, which are basically used for supporting of session involved in multimedia communication like voice calls or video (opt for Free VoIP Calls)...

Sip Trunking

What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunk is a new technology that allows the company to replace existing analog or digital telephone lines with a data connection. Once connected, the company can continue to operate the same way as before, without changes in the handling of phone calls. SIP Trunk calls are made by both VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and traditional telephone networks.

What are the benefits of using SIP Trunks?

SIP trunks are capable of providing many business benefits, the most common and perhaps the most important of which is the reduction of current phone costs...